New Apps

Email Alerts Need to know if you have a current copy of your employees license or insurance?  It’s easy with Email Alerts.  Installing the Alerts Module into your HIS database will enable you to email reminders to your employees and supervisors when their license or insurance is about to expire.  You control the content and how often the emails are sent until the new expiration date has been entered.  Of course, Email Alerts will work for all important expiration dates like certification renewals, other types of insurance, and anywhere you have a defined period of time to accomplish a task.  One accident by an employee driving on an expired license could cost you everything.  Why take the chance someone overlooked it?


Online Document Manager – This is a very cool product that helps you methodically store documents on your server electronically so multiple users can retrieve them instantly. It’s great for Patient Charts, Personnel Records, Customer Documentation or construct a library of Company Internal Documents.  It saves the time lost hunting down documents and provides an electronic backup for all those pieces of paper so very valuable to your company. You can store your files on our server or on a local fire and waterproof hard drive at your office.  And, it works for all document type. More Info

Online Training Courses - This product enables you to put Course Material and Tests online for Employee and Subcontractor training.  The student logs in, studies the course material, and takes the test. The student’s test is graded instantly and automatically rescheduled in the event of failure.  Any refresher tests that are required are also scheduled automatically.  All grades are recorded and stored to help guard against employee substandard training liability claims.

Web InterfacesHere’s a well kept secret we thought we should share with you.  HIS can add a Web Interface for any HIS database. This is very handy for any information in your customer, employee, or vendor base that they can help you gather.  Typical examples would include employment applications, progress notes from foster families, ship dates from vendors, or medications administered in the home.  No need to write it down to send in for admin to read and possibly mistype.  Get it straight from the source quickly, accurately, and economically.