Online Document Management

ODM is a Document Organizer that facilitates Viewing, Naming, Storing and Retrieving documents and files of any size and type.  ODM can be used for a variety of applications… Electronic Charts for the Medical Industry, Personnel Files, Vendor Files, Customer Info etc.  ODM will handle them all simultaneously. 

HIS Electronic Documents
Setup is easy.
  1. Specify an Application

  2. Define the Table of Contents for that application

  3. define the names of documents for each table of contents item and you are ready to go.

Operation is simple.
  1. Save all your files from your scanner or system folders into the “To Be Filed” folder.

  2. Click a file to view and identify where it belongs.

  3. Select the table of contents item, document name, and document date.

  4. Click file and the document is renamed and stored in the proper folder and available for everyone to review.

ODM is rich with features
  • Easy Setup
  • Simple to use
  • Handles all document types
  • Filed documents are easily accessible with or without EDocs software
  • Table of contents modifications will update all existing folders
  • Additions to table of contents and document names allowable at any time
  • Misfiled documents can be sent back to the "To Be Filed" folder with a single click
  • Can easily be incorporated into any other HIS application software

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