How do I translate my company goals to each department and each individual? What are the relevant staistics they need to monitor their progress? How do they know if they are a sucess?

Consulting is defining what information is pertinent at the individual and department levels to measure productivity and establishing a system of weekly measurements displaying each person's contribution to the company's success.

You need answers   HIS Plan of Action

  • What is the status of all my leads?
  • Where is my customer's order?
  • Do I have everything I need to fill the order?
  • When will the purchased items be here?
  • Did I make money on that job?
  • Which salesmen bring me the greatest return on my investment?
  • Is my inventory more than I need?
  • What is my backlog?
  • What is the status of my receivables?
  • How can I cut overhead expense?


  • Consult with managers to find greatest opportunities for productivity and savings
  • Analyze work flow searching for additional efficiencies
  • Identify the key information to run your business
  • Develop Programs, Websites, Procedures, and Techniques.
  • Install and Train
  • Support